Preventive Maintenance

In order to keep your Collinson Power systems running at maximum performance, it is imperative that Preventive Maintenance be performed on a regular basis. Our service policy is to prevent problems before they occur. Power systems contain components and parts that will wear out over time. Having proper care and regular maintenance will help you avoid unnecessary downtime, saving you time and money. To be sure your system is receiving the care it needs, you need specially trained staff, who are familiar with the inner workings of the Collinson products. Preventive Maintenance services give your system the level of service it requires and give you the peace of mind you deserve.



A Collinson Power certified installation and commissioning of your solution ensures your equipment is configured for optimal performance, saving you time and money and extending the life of your hardware solution. With the option of installation packages or individual service components, our installation services are structured in such a way as to allow you to pick and choose what you would like us to do for you.


Warranty Services

With our Warranty services, you will have peace of mind knowing that in the unlikely event of a failure, your product will be repaired or replaced quickly, minimizing downtime. This means protection for your system and peace of mind for you.



EnRegen Service (Battery Maintenance and Analysis)

Collinson Power’s EnRegen service consists of a complete service package for battery analyzing and restoring through the use of a wide range of reliable and industrial Collinson Power Battery Maintenance Equipment, chargers and battery accessories such as measuring equipment, safety kits and connectors. The EnRegen service can also be used to double the lifespan of batteries through annual battery maintenance.

The Collinson Power Battery Maintenance Equipment comes with its own monitoring software, enabling us to:

• Draw accurate facts and statistics from the battery regenerations

• Create a full report on the battery regeneration

• Monitor the battery’s reaction during the charging or discharging cycles.

• Configure the Collinson Power Battery Maintenance Equipment through a computer.


Main uses of EnRegen Battery Maintenance Service

Reconditioning Regeneration

• Restoration of old, medium to well-maintained batteries that have ‘silted up’ as a result of natural sulphation, to a productivity of between 90% to 100%, depending on battery condition.

Maintenance Regeneration

• Maintenance of your battery in optimal and sulphate-free condition through an annual short regeneration.


Advantages of using EnRegen Battery Maintenance Service

• Dual usage of a battery discharger and battery charger

• Minimum maintenance cost compared to replacement of batteries

• Increased lifespan of batteries

• Quick regenerations

• Detailed test reports will be provided by our analysis software

• Automation program applied

• Wireless connection between regenerator and computer with no tangled cable mess

• Possibility to monitor the regenerator process on smartphone or laptop (within local network)

• Warranty of 6 to 12 months on regenerated batteries

• Usage of CE-certified Battery Maintenance Equipment (MET-certified for US market)




Other Services :

• Assessment Services

• Customization Services

• Design & Consultancy Services