Fast, Mobile & Flexible Power Station


The Kratos M400 gives you the power you need any time. It is a mobile power station that you can carry anywhere with you, and also has the flexibility to recharge on the go.

The Kratos M400 can help you respond to growing mobile electricity demand, stabilize power and let you continue to have access to power in remote locations.When you are on the move, you do not need to be tied down to a fixed power outlet for your power needs.

By combining an AC power supply, a DC power supply and a built-in battery, the Kratos M400 is able to power up and recharge multiple electrical and electronic devices. Whether you are at the worksite, or headed to the beach, you can power up and recharge your electronics for up to 10 hours. Charging your testing equipment, laptops, mobile phones, lights, radios, and other devices is hassle-free with the Kratos M400’s DC, AC and USB ports.

If you are stranded on the road with a dead car battery, instead of waiting for another vehicle, the Kratos M400 is able to instantly jumpstart your car.

Collinson Power Kratos series M400 Power Station brochure