Battery Maintenance Equipment

Most batteries break down and lose capacity due to sulphation of the internal plates. This increases the resistance within the battery and affects the battery’s performance. By applying a very high frequency pulse in several steps, our Collinson Power Battery Maintenance Equipment removes sulphation and restore capacity to these batteries.

The Collinson Power Battery Maintenance Equipment has an extremely user-friendly control panel. At the “Setting” mode, the day and some screen settings can be configured. When in “Operation” mode, we can determine the final settings for the battery regeneration process.

It is also a reliable battery analyzer. With a complete load bank built into it, we can perform a complete load test to check your battery’s current capacity. Combined with our BMS system, bad cells due for replacement can be easily detected in your battery bank.


Battery Monitoring System (BMS)

Our BMS system consists of a number of voltage detectors that is equal to the number of cells . The sensors then transfer each cell’s voltage wirelessly to the receiver, which is best done during a complete discharge process. The receiver, which is connected to a computer, collects the data. The software also checks the actual voltage of each sender every 3 minutes and stores this value in a table. Colour codes indicate the charge condition of each cell (empty to full) continuously. This results in a detailed report generated. A sample of the BMS report generated is shown below.

Features of BMS

• Duration test during the entire discharge process

• Real-time monitoring

• Analysis function through our software

• Easy wireless connection with no messy and tangled up wires

• Clear overview of the battery capacity

• Can be synched with the Collinson Power Battery Regenerator

During our EnRegen Service, by combining our regenerator with our BMS system, we can control both using a single software, which provides all the information required to have a detailed view on the battery condition, right down to the cell level. We are also able to increase the battery’s capacity by determining which element is no longer keeping its charge and needs to be replaced or regenerated. The reports generated are available in PDF, Word or Excel formats.


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