Prodigy series

The Prodigy series online UPS product range is distinguishable by its performance and reliability for servers, voice/data networks and industrial applications. It features unsurpassed reliability for regions or countries with chronic voltage problems.

Capable of supporting loads from 1kVA to 20kVA, the Prodigy UPS can be configured with external battery modules when your business-critical systems require runtime in hours, not minutes.

With the parallel redundancy option, users can have the added assurance of protection for their mission critical applications.


Prodigy3 series

The Prodigy3 series is a robust 3 phase UPS and is available from 10kVA to 800kVA. It is designed to provide extreme power protection to customers with critical applications under demanding power conditions. With zero transfer time, availability is ensured for critical loads. Users can also achieve manageability through a network management card, which enables the monitoring and management of the UPS.

Distinguishable by its performance and reliability, the Prodigy3 UPS can meet a wide range of requirements from IT and electrical infrastructure to other unique requirements of various industrial, healthcare, banking and corporate applications.


PRO T2 series

The PRO T2 series is an advanced three phase online high frequency UPS with full digital control technology. It also supports three phase input and single phase output working mode. Adopting the idea of advanced modular design, the PRO T2 series is compact while retaining its reliability.


PRO 5 modular series

The PRO 5 Modular series is a compact and modular 3 phase UPS system that can grow in 20kVA increments to 400kVA to match your evolving load requirements. With its parallel configuration, the PRO 5 series allows N+X units to be connected without the need for centralized bypass cabinet and additional external modules.

Combinations of different modules are also available to cope with various customer scenarios, giving the flexibility of expansion and eliminating the need to replace the entire UPS, thus reducing user’s upfront cost and provide flexibility for business growth.

PRO 5 UPS pict for web