PRO 11 seriesPro 11

Flexible and affordable UPS from 650VA to 1500VA for a wide range of usage from   Point-of-Sales (POS) Machines to Workstation and Peripheral Device and even Home PC’s.



GamePRO series

gamepro side pict

High-end UPS in this range of Line Interactive 800VA UPS systems. GamePRO offers highly efficient power protection during a power failure, offering up to 40 minutes for a standard gaming PC and up to 20 minutes for high-end gaming PC together with standard networking equipment.


Prolong series

The Prolong-UPS pure sine wave is a space and energy-saving enterprise-grade UPS with a special layout design for data center rack applicability.

In addition to providing high quality sine wave power and low Harmonic Distortion to support both Linear and Non-linear loads, the Prolong-UPS series has a built-in wide range AVR (automatic voltage regulator ) on bypass circuit This stabilizes the power, thus enabling the UPS to operate even more effectively and safely.