Prolong series

The Prolong-UPS pure sine wave is a space and energy-saving enterprise-grade UPS with a special layout design for data center rack applicability.

Due to the high prices of fuel and electricity, energy saving has become one of the most important issue in recent decades. Our Prolong-UPS pure sine wave line-interactive UPS was designed with energy saving and environmental protection in mind.

In addition to providing high quality sine wave power and low Harmonic Distortion to support both Linear and Non-linear loads, the Prolong-UPS series has a built-in wide range AVR (automatic voltage regulator ) on bypass circuit This stabilizes the power, thus enabling the UPS to operate even more effectively and safely.



Prodigy series

The Prodigy series online UPS product range is distinguishable by its Prodigy UPSperformance and reliability for servers, voice/data networks and industrial applications. It features unsurpassed reliability for regions or countries with chronic voltage problems.

Capable of supporting loads from 1kVA to 20kVA, the Prodigy UPS can be configured with external battery modules when your business-critical systems require runtime in hours, not minutes.

With the parallel redundancy option, users can have the added assurance of protection for their mission critical applications.


PRO 36RT series

The PRO 36RT series is designed with a rack/tower convertible feature, thus ensuring flexibility for users. Its high power factor of 0.9, compact design and multiple communication ports make the PRO 36RT series ideal for centralized servers, network control centres and other IT applications. The PRO 36RT series is further enhanced with double conversion protection with less energy usage making it the ideal UPS for reducing energy cost as well as providing a perfect power protection solution for the future.